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Creating better business-to-business communications starts by ignoring businesses and focusing on people instead. After all, they’re the ones who make and influence purchasing choices.

Some are senior and some are junior. Some are obsessed with business performance or efficiency, and some are obsessed with getting through the day and keeping their jobs. But they’re all people at work.

We call them Business-Minded People, and whether they’re making decisions by themselves or as part of a group, we want to persuade them to choose our clients’ products and services.

If you’d like to do more business with Business-Minded People, let’s talk.


What we do

Like any other ad agency, we do strategy, creative and production.

But because we take business-to-business seriously, this also means doing the hard-working things that other agencies don’t do or don’t know how to do. Things like PowerPoints, RFP copy and sales conversation planners.


– Brand strategy
– Creative
– Design
– Content
– Digital

– Direct marketing
– TV and video
– Events
– Sales messaging
– Internal and channel communications



The Badger team includes people with experience in advertising, design, branding, publishing, journalism, technology, marketing and right at the pointy end of industrial sales.

It means we can bridge the gap between marketing and sales to deliver campaigns that are true to your brand but work for your sales teams as well.



Matthew Masters
Managing Director

Nick Maltby
Client Service Director

Gary Warner
Senior Project Manager

Myrtle Aims

Alison Hollis
Financial Controller

Emily Smart

Liz Masters
Design Director

Matthias Kong
Art Director

Joanna Longbottom